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Mechanical Engineering

· Thermo hydraulics and heat transfer analysis and calculations in support of plant operability and system performance evaluation.

· Preparation of design basis document.

· Complex and innovation system upgrades such as upgrade of turbine generator, lube oil, and seal oil systems.

· Plant Power Uprate evaluation and design activities.

· Management of design and fabrication of major equipment such as low pressure, high pressure, turbine rotors, generators, steam generator, pumps, dry casket storage, moisture separator reheater (MSR), and heat exchangers.

· Preparing equipments specification, bid evaluation, joint award recommendation, and review of design drawings / documents.

· Identification of critical inspections and performing quality control (QC).

· Performance of in depth design review at vendor’s facility.

· Extensive vendor management oversight of major international vendors such as Alstom, and Mitsubishi, as well as U.S. vendors such as Flowserve and TEI.

· Our experts have the ability to perform complex analyses required to ensure safety and improve plant performance, including HVAC, Pump Efficiency, Heat Transfer, etc.

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